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Lawn Maintenance

It’s not easy looking after a lawn; it requires time and patience and can often be costly. There are so many factors working against successfully sustaining a lawn that calling in a lawn specialist is sometimes the only answer. Of course, it is natural to try and deal with it yourself, and there is a wide range of products available to combat every pest and problem imaginable, but not all products are effective, and some may be the wrong solution altogether.

Weeds are one of the most common problems, but many sprays and weedkillers can cause harm to pets as well as other plants around the lawn. Similarly, treatments for moss, clover and fungi do not necessarily eliminate the problems and may also be detrimental to other plants and beneficial insects. Professional help will enable the problem to be managed and provide long-term solutions to minimise a recurrence, if not get rid of it permanently.

Many lawns suffer either from poor drainage or too much, leaving the grass patchy and yellow. Expert advice can ensure your lawn does not succumb to the changeable elements quite so drastically, through methods of protecting the turf or clever design.

Wildlife – especially moles and ants – can also be a nuisance and non-professional help can sometimes cause more damage than the creatures themselves! A lawn specialist will know the best way to deal with these without unnecessarily ruining the rest of the lawn. Save yourself time, money and stress, so call in a professional and make the grass greener on your side!