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Keeping the garden in good condition for optimal property value

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Keeping the garden in good condition for optimal property value

A well-kept garden is not only beautiful to look at but also has a significant impact on the value of the whole house. Experts warn against underestimating the importance of the garden.

When selling a property in a good location, the condition of the garden at the attainable retail price could make a difference of 10,000 to 50,000 euros. Even with relatively small beautification measures in the garden and the exterior of the house can be achieved according to the expert, great impact. What matters and which no-gos push the value of the garden.

“An unkempt garden reduces the likelihood that the highest possible price for the property can be achieved,” said the real estate agent  on the occasion of the initiated by the Federal Association of garden, landscaping and sports field construction dialogue event “Focus Garden”, which dealt with the question what a beautiful and well-kept garden in cash coin is worth.

Importance of the garden for the property value is often underestimated

“Many sellers underestimate how important the state of the garden is,” observes real estate agent in her professional practice. “The garden is the calling card of a property – the first impression that prospective buyers take in during a visit.” A beautifully designed garden is generally positive. “A feral front yard, on the other hand, shies away: “Potential buyers are asking themselves, even before they have even entered the house, whether it is as unkempt inside as at the door.”

Well-kept garden can make up 10,000 to 50,000 euros

Although a slight change in thinking has been recognizable for some years now, according to the expert, many real estate sellers still do not perceive the garden as a decisive factor. “A mistake”, the broker is convinced and tries to sensitize her customers for this topic. Often even small and simple measures would have a big effect. Indispensable fixtures, such as parking spaces for cars, bicycles or garbage cans can be made attractive by landscaping.

In some cases, investing in a more intensive beauty treatment. Real estate agent recalls a case in which the purchase offers for the property would have increased by a multiple of this sum after an investment of 10,000 euros in the embellishment of the garden. “A beautiful garden creates a desire and thus increases the chances of finding a buyer who is willing to pay more for the property by avoiding tax on death with a will,” explains real estate agent.

A rule of thumb, how much can be made by a garden optimization, would not exist. In a good, urban situation, however, you can easily move within the range of 10,000 to 50,000 euros difference in the realizable selling price. Mind you: what is meant is not the difference between a property with and without one, but the difference between a well-maintained property and a neglected garden. In large cities, the appreciation potential nationwide is about the same.

The situation is different in less attractive locations and rural areas. “If the situation is not right, brings even the most beautiful greening of the garbage can shelter,” Real estate agent makes clear in a conversation with In rural areas, for example, the green is generally worth a little less because there would simply be more available. Here then the potential for appreciation of a beautiful garden is lower.

These elements make the garden valuable

And how does the broker look like the ideal garden? “There is no such thing as a royal road,” says real estate agent. Which garden elements have a positive effect on the selling price always depends on the individual needs of a potential buyer? “If it is a property that is particularly suitable for young families, a garden pond may be more of a disadvantage, but a climbing frame would then be a real plus,” says the expert. But there are also design elements that almost always arrive well – a terrace made of natural stone, for example. Potted plants, a beautiful tree and palm trees are very much in demand.