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Trimming the Lawn? Or Trimming the Waist?

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Trimming the Lawn? Or Trimming the Waist?


No matter how well one cares for one’s health, life is far too short. There is work to be done, fun to be had- it can be hard to put aside those things in favour of finding time to burn a few calories.

But should anyone have to?

Not every little job around the house is decent exercise, but some of them are. There’s no excuse for putting off mowing that lawn in favour of a quick workout, not when the health benefits of getting the mower out are so great.

Lose Weight (And save the world?)

It should go without saying that a riding mower isn’t going to get anyone anywhere quickly when it comes to exercise and weight loss. Using any kind of push mower, though, and those minutes in the garden can count toward the recommended 150 minutes of physical activity a week. To maximise the weight loss potential of that time in the garden, a manual hand mower is ideal. Not only will it burn about 40 calories more per hour, it’s a proven way to give back to the environment, burn calories and keep the garden looking beautiful, all at once!

Time for Yourself

Stress is a major barrier to weight loss and a major factor in weight gain for many people. Not only is time to yourself out in the garden proven to lower stress levels, the smell of cut grass is also believed to act as a powerful stress reliever. Lower stress is linked to longer life expectancy, more energy for excercise and weight loss quickly.

A Beautiful Home

Time out in nature and a nice smell aren’t the only health benefits. The job of mowing the lawn itself gives a powerful heath benefit – taking pride in one’s surroundings and trying to better them is believed to vastly reduce feelings of fatigue. Mowing the lawn once a week in spring and autumn and twice a week in summer will keep the garden under control, and the benefits of that are amazing.

More energy means that other exercise will become significantly easier. What’s more, eliminating fatigue caused by a chaotic environment will go a long way toward reducing the temptation to overeat or to snack too much outside of mealtimes. By taking just a little more time to take care of the garden, anyone can enjoy all of these benefits and experience quicker, easier weight loss as a result.

There are other reasons to take care of the garden, of course. It keeps the neighbours happy, for one thing. It keeps the garden under control while it’s still relatively easy to deal with – leaving it too long can turn a pleasant job into a nightmare, maybe even one you’ll have to call in a professional to deal with. But for anyone who needs a little more convincing – just know that a little time behind the mower each week will help you achieve effective excercise and weight loss quickly!