How do I Know if My Housing Agent is Working for my Interest?

How do I Know if My Housing Agent is Working for my Interest? 

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How do I Know if My Housing Agent is Working for my Interest?

When it comes to buying or selling property, it is important for us to know that our housing agent is on our side, right? An agent who is simply working for their own commission without a care in the world for what happens to us is a terrible housing agent and shouldn’t get any business from us! Of course, the agent will be looking forward to his pay check, but they should be aiming to get it by doing their very best to make our lives easier. Not sure if your agent is on your side? Here are a few tips that might help you figure that out!

Your Housing Agent is Responsive

If your housing agent really cares for you and your property, they will do their best to respond quickly when it comes to matters that they are to attend to. When it comes to negotiations, financial statements, contracts, and so on, your housing agent should be on call as best they can for any potential problems involving those things. If they are often unavailable when you require their assistance, it may be better to find a new one. However, if they are ready and willing to assist when the time comes, you know you’ve got your hands on a good housing agent.

Your Housing Agent Listens and Learns

Not only does the listening and learning apply to how they treat you, but it also refers to anyone who is in the business transaction you are setting up. If you are buying a house, for example, your housing agent should be listening to what the house owner is saying and trying to build reputation with them in order to get the best deal possible. They should also have their ear down for potential better deals in the nearby vicinity, either to suggest you move on to those or to reveal these deals to the home owner in order to get a more reasonable price for you. If you are selling, the same principle goes for the potential buyers. Your housing agent should not only be talking with these people, but also listening intently for any vital information.

Your Housing Agent Should be Keeping You Notified

No matter how independent or reputable a housing agent is, their primary goal should be to keep you aware of each and everything that goes on during a business transaction. When any event, both major and minor, occurs you should hear about it straight away. If your housing agent is always telling you that they have everything covered and you don’t need the details, watch out! They may be swindling you! Housing agents who keep you notified about everything are the best!

Your Housing Agent Should be Honest

If at any stage you discover that your agent is not being honest with you, replace them! No agent has any excuse for lying to their client; it is ethically immoral for them to do so! So long as your agent is being honest with you all the time and they follow the above standards for a housing agent, you should be good to go!